How to be a Better Service Provider: Defining Due Diligence, Part 1

Regulators are putting the hurt on companies with weak vendor management programs. For service providers large or small, this means your client businesses are required to ask you for more detailed, often non-public information about your business; especially your financial performance, operational details, and controls for managing security and risk. Your clients need this information to perform a risk assessment in order to make a more informed decision about whether it's too risky or not to rely on you to provide them with services. Most view Due Diligence as a bunch of boring paperwork, reporting, and compliance overhead. In this series of articles we're going to teach you how to transform Due Diligence requests into a serious competitive advantage!

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Three Mistakes that can Kill Your Small Business

No matter what line of work you're in, constantly expanding upon your knowledge and skills is the only path to successfully reaching the next level. I am a firm believer that mistakes are a great learning opportunity, but you don't have to pay the high price of learning the tough lessons in this article. Read on for three mistakes people make that can kill their business for good!

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Physical Security 101: Bollards

In our last article, we covered the security aspects of lighting for your business. This week, we explore how bollards increase the safety and security of your facility. Vehicles smash into buildings much more frequently than you think:

  • Every day: 60+ vehicles smash into storefronts and commercial buildings  
  • Annually: Over 4,000 related injuries and as many as 500 deaths

(Source: Storefront Safety Council)

 Now that we have your attention, let's briefly review what options exist for bollards, and where to use them.

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Four Quick Wins to Drastically Improve Your SMB's Cybersecurity

With privacy breaches and debilitating malware attacks steadily becoming commonplace, every business owner or leader is concerned with cybersecurity. Incidents often are a costly nightmare, both to your bottom line and to your reputation with your customers. Read on to review four simple measures that will establish an effective security baseline for the technology your business relies on!

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Why Your Business Needs Multi-Factor Authentication

There's a good reason why leading SMBs are using multi-factor authentication (also known as "two factor authentication", "strong authentication" and "MFA") as part of their security infrastructure: it has one of the best bang-for-buck ratios of any security technology that exists. Today's business owners are very concerned about protecting their information, assets and reputation from external and internal threats. Let's take a high level look at what multi-factor brings to your business!

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